Sustainability Projects

Protecting Our Planet

Some of the first projects that we invested in

One of the best bits of being carbon neutral is that we get to choose the specific projects we wish to support through our offset programme. Over time, these projects will increasingly be chosen by Leisuretime by Toureasy’s customers too.

Leisuretime by Toureasy only invests in high quality, verified, carbon offset projects that are recognised by Carbon Footprint Ltd. They all meet the stringent requirements of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting and also use one or more of the following credit systems to evidence their positive impact on the environment:

  • Certified Emission Reductions (CER) credits
  • Gold Standard CER credits
  • Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions (VER) credits
  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certified credits

Our Sustainability Projects deliver much more than just carbon reduction

These are some of the projects that we invested in so far:

INVESTED: UK Tree Planting
This project provided us with an opportunity to plant trees in the UK. For each tCO2e offset, one tree is planted in the UK. We are planting in the West Midlands and South West.
INVESTED: Protecting the Amazon
We are also helping to protect the Amazon Rainforest – the largest remaining rainforest in the world. The Amazon is known for its amazing biodiversity; containing 10% of all species, including many endangered species. Our offsets are being used in the Amazon through the Brazilian Amazon Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) project to guarantee emission reductions are delivered that will protect this unique part of the world.
INVESTED: Kenya Tree Planting
This project provides an opportunity to plant trees in Kenya. For each tCO2 being offset, one native tree is planted in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. Over the last ten years, the project in Kenya has planted over 170,000 trees and rehabilitated over 160 hectares of the forest helping in restoring the water catchment ecosystem function of the forest. While doing this, over 20 community members who directly work in the forest make their livelihoods from the project. Many more from their families benefit from being dependent on them. The project includes an empowerment scheme, where the members are now owners of dairy cows from which they get additional income from the sale of milk to their villagers. The project is strongly focused on empowering women, who make up over 50% of the project team.
INVESTED: Gunung Salak Geothermal Energy Project
Geothermal power plants use steam produced from reservoirs of hot water found a couple of miles or more below the Earth's surface, instead of having to use fossil fuels. The steam rotates a turbine that activates a generator, which produces electricity. It is a natural and sustainable source of energy. There are over 150 active volcanoes in Indonesia, giving the nation a huge potential for geothermal energy production. Located within the Halimun-Salak National Park, the Gunung Salak project harnesses heat from deep within the Earth to generate clean geothermal power. The project involves an capacity upgrade of three turbines at an existing geothermal power plant from 55MW to 60 MW. This additional 15 MW allows the plant to generate more energy from the same source of thermal steam. The project creates social benefits in addition to the emissions reductions. The projects supports regional educational programmes and activities such as book donations at local schools. The project also improves employment opportunities in the area.